Friday, January 20, 2012

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10 Reasons To Take Up Nordic Skiing –
David McMahon

Rating: ***

Did you ever try Nordic or Cross Country Skiing? If you did never try it I highly recommend trying it and doing it more often! David McMahon’s easy reading article gives ten good reasons to
take up Nordic Skiing.

Nordic Skiing is great, and more and more people in Ottawa trying the nice workout out in the fresh air! It keeps you fit and it is a lot of fun. Did you know that Nordic ski racers are the most highly conditioned athletes on the planet? Cross Country Skiing increases your health enormously. The investment in the equipment is absolutely worth it: once you have your skis you can go anywhere with them. Whether you are racing, skiing to a friend, skiing in the mountains or the park, or whether you are skiing a long or short distance does not matter. With Nordic Skiing you will never have to wait for something like alpine lift lines. You can go skiing anytime and anywhere. With a bit of practice and the right technique you will have success and a lot of fun!

As I just joined the Cross Country Skiing club, I was very interested in this article. I already tried Cross Country Skiing three times now, and I totally agree with the article: it is a great experience! If I will be able to Cross Country Ski in Germany as well, I definitely will do that as there are great benefits and a lot of fun you can experience alone or with friends!

I recommend this article to anyone who wants to try something else than winter running, and start Cross Country Skiing instead!


David McMahon. “10 reasons to take up Nordic Skiing”. Ottawa Outdoors magazine (winter 2011). Page 9-10. Print

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