Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter Running Tips - Jenny Hadfield
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Running in the winter? Sure! Do not say that it might be too cold, that it is too dark, or that you just do not want to go outside when it is snowing. You can go for a run in every season, but you have to know a few tips. In the article “Winter Running Tips” by Coach Jenny Hadfield many tips are mentioned to make your winter running a successful practice with fun.

Did you know that winter might be the best season to go for a long run? The weather is refreshing and paths are not crowded! With a specific goal you want to achieve and a friend running with you, winter running can be a great experience. Do not forget the cold whether though! In order to stay warm and dry you should heat yourself up before you go for your run, you should start your run into the wind so you have the wind at your back on your way home to avoid getting chilled by the wind after you've been sweating, and most important: you should dress in layers! Don’t dress too warm as your body temperature rises as soon as you are starting to run. Sweating in the cold can be dangerous! Also make sure to stay save. Jenny Hadfield suggests to be seen, to wear the right equipment on cold and icy days, and to run on fresh snow instead of icy surfaces. All these tips and many other tips are listed in her article. The last point she mentions: Have Fun!

I enjoyed reading this article as I learned a lot about winter running. In my opinion there is nothing better than running through fresh snow, and the next time I go out for a run it will
be in the winter.

I recommend this article to anyone who likes to go running, and to anyone who thinks that running in the winter cannot be fun… because it can be!

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