Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Brian Skerry Reveals Ocean's Glory -- and Horror

Rating: *****

Brian Skerry reveals the magnificent wonders of the ocean’s true beauty, but he also shows how we are wrecking everything the beautiful creatures need to survive. He shows how important these creatures are to our lives and how we cannot destroy their home or even the animals itself.

I gave this TED talk a rating of five because it really shows the beauty of a whole other world that we don’t even know much about. This man sees amazing things in the water, he sees incredible wildlife and he sees the behaviors of all of this wildlife. Brian Skerry has been exploring the ocean for over 30 years and he is seeing more horrible things happening to the ocean wildlife. They are being captured, killed, and being eaten by people. It’s unsustainable.

Brian Skerry draws attention to the harp seal. Two big environmental issues he points out are that harp seals are hunted everyday at eight to fifteen days old. This is the largest marine mammal slaughter on the planet, and the fact that the loss of sea ice, the pups can’t survive because they can’t swim until 12 days old. The pups fall in because of the thin ice. This problem is continuing to grow each year.

Brian gives people the sense of appreciation of the ocean animals they are eating. He explains that people don’t have any sense of appreciation of where these animals come from. When people are eating Blue Fin sushi they don’t have any sense of the magnificent animal they are eating. He explain that these animals are “the lions and tigers of the sea.” They swim across the ocean dozens of times over the course of a year. Brian Skerry really shows that people take thinking that we won’t have any consequences, but in reality there really are consequences that are occurring right now.

Brian Skerry draws attention to the problem of over fishing and global fish crisis. He shows how important these animals are to our delicate system in society, and how beautiful they really are. If they are all extinct, what are we going to do? It a major problem right now in our society, we need to be careful and take care of what we have left. After watching this you will rethink about not caring about these majestic creatures.

Skerry. Brian. “Reveals Ocean’s Glory -- and Horror”. Mission Blue Voyage. June 2010.


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