Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Running For Change

Rating: *****

Making a change in your life is never impossible. Anybody can make a change even if its something really small to something bigger than you can imagine. Ray Zahab made a change in his life.

I gave the article Running For Change by Sally Heath a rating of five because as you read this article, it will make you want to get up and do something extraordinary. Ray Zahab is one of those inspiring people that are willing to put up a fight and to never give up. His life was not at his best, he was not physically fit, and he did not have a healthy body. Ray Zahab is 42 years old and he decided to change his life. He is changing the world with his project impossible2Possible which is an organization

“To encourage youth to reach beyond their perceived limits, and to use adventure as a medium to educate, inspire and empower our global community to make positive change in the world.” As Ray Zahab decribes what his organization is for.

Ray Zahab challenges himself by running in extreme environments for long periods of time. His latest expedition was running 7,500 kilometers across the Sahara Desert for 111 days straight. He ran 70 kilometers a day to meet his goal. Ray Zahab has made a change to become strong mentally and physically to be able to complete his expeditions. Even though running 70 kilometers a day for 111 days, Ray strives against him giving up and against the natural elements. At the points of him almost giving up he reminds himself,

“I chose to be here, that I am very fortunate to be doing what I am doing- meeting the incredible people I am meeting- and learning things about myself and my world I otherwise many never have learned.”

I recommend this article to anyone who this my interest because this article shows how determination and will power can make a change for not only one person’s life, but the whole world.

“I have since learned that with dedication and ridiculous effort we can move mountains in our lives.” - Ray Zahab

Heath, Sally. “Running For Change”. Outdoor Travel Adventura. Winter 2011.


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