Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Canoe-Over-Canoe Rescue - How to do it right by Andrew Westwood

Rating: ****

In this article, the author explains the proper technique for a canoe-over-canoe rescue. It is a very useful and important form of rescue. It is best to have friends with you while you are on a canoe trip so that rescue is only metres away. Should a canoe flip over, there are several steps that should be taken to perform a safe and efficient canoe-over-canoe rescue. First, check that the paddlers that flipped are safe and accounted for. Second, position yourself perpendicular to the capsized canoe and begin pulling it out of the water across your canoe. Pull the canoe until it is balanced across your own to empty the water, then flip it over and put it back in. You should then grip the empty canoe on its side and hold it stable so the swimmers can grab the opposite side and pull themselves back into the canoe. You should continue holding the canoe steady until both paddlers are safely in their sitting positions.

This article was very helpful for me. With this information, I am more certain of my rescuing skills. There were some key points mentioned in this article that I was not aware of. For example: while the paddlers in the water are waiting for their canoe to be emptied and placed back in the water, they should hold on to the bow and/or stern of the rescuing canoe so that they remain in a safe position throughout the rescue. This also adds stability to the rescuing canoe. Now that I am more certain of how to perform canoe-over-canoe rescue, I will be much more help in a rescue situation on one of our class trips.

Westwood, Andrew. “Canoe-over-canoe rescue how to do it right.” Ottawa Outdoors (Summer/Fall 2007): 38. Print

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