Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Journeys of Hope (Article #7)


A journey to cure breast cancer with charity from kayaking on the great lakes, starting small to eventually gain a national recognition.

5 women had made a goal, to change and make a difference. The idea was to bring people out on great lake journey, and to raise any money possible for breast cancer research. Summer of 2000 was finished and successfully the women had brought out 70 people to go on the trip and enjoy kayaking. The majority of kayakers novice, this was a great way to support a cause and gain a skill to appreciate the outdoors more. With 25,000 dollars already present by now, a committee was in operation, to be exact this charity was run by seven volunteer committees. This organization evolved, and the vision for them involves guides and trips in local areas.

Most people would go the distances for causes but these 5 women followed through with it, tiredness was guaranteed out on the water but they were passionate about it and motivated.

Kanawa, fall 2001, Belinda Clemmensen

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