Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Everest, the really hard way (article# 5)

Rating: ***

Tom Whittaker an amputee, who not only motivates with his unique determination but also gives more of an acceptance to the handicapped.

An outdoor adventure professor from Arizona's Prescott college had lost his foot and knee cap from a drunk driving accident. This happened when the driver slammed into Tom's car. Whittaker would never refer to himself or call himself an amputee. he believes the accident didn't change his experience or skill by any means. accompanied by five other climbers including two veterans, he decided to take on the almighty Everest. After exceeding 8,000 meters, the record for an amputee the climber was forced to descend down the mountain. it was obvious the climber could not make it to the camp by night time. South Col was the next target for Tom, by then being equipped with his new carbon fibre leg. this event would be tracked by satellite to let kids, specifically the handicapped.

His mindset was to get children aware and let them know that he, as well as others can do anything with determination. Amputees are the same as anyone else.

Outside, Issue: Lost in the jungle, may 1998, Pg 36, Jonathan Hanson

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