Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Don't go out of your head when you're out in the bush (Article #6)

Rating: ****

Although this article may seem funny to an audience, the symptoms and effects of losing your head out in nature can be serious ones.

On vancouver island a forestry worker had gone missing in the early 1980's. A search and rescue team was thrown together including volunteers and RCMP. After aproximetly 24 hours the team had noticed and followed a long trail of clothes that were worn by the man. The worker didn't seem in need of help when the team called for him, it actually looked like he was trying to get away from the group. Eventually the naked man had been tackled, yes he was naked, and only wearing one sock. "Bush madness" a term used to describe this nature, involves wandering aimlessly, travelling during night, crossing roads that can lead to safety and much more. This madness doesnt get you anywhere in the bush when you should be trying to conserve energy rather than wasting it, but the most odd behaviour is called paradoxical stripping. Noones certain why someone would try and strip naked despite the weather conditions. This often leads to hypothermia. such actions occur from confusion in the brain, water and hydration is a neccessity.

The moral of this article is to keep a postive mental state if you want survival to be an option, as well streaking in a forest isn't the most mature thing.

Ottawa outdoors, spring/summer 2009, Gerry Godsoe

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