Sunday, January 8, 2012

Grizzly Attack

Rating: ****

I thought this article was good as it showed hikers using a
different technique on how to yourself from a grizzly attack and unfourtantly
when humans use aggression towards animals far larger then themselves it does
not work out in the their favor.
This article is named Grizzly Attack by Madison Khan. The
article is about a group of NOAA hikers who are hiking up a riverbed in the
heart of Alaska and are mauled by a grizzly bear. The story is told to Madison
Khan by one of the students on the trip named Josh Berg.
At the end of the article it has an analysis on why the
students were attacked. One of the points it included was that they should have
tested there bear spray before going or they might as well have had a 12oz rock
with them. I will take that in mind and also when going hiking through the
woods from now on I shall make lots of noise in order to scare of any
surrounding bears. This article was a great eye opener and now I shall have no
excuse to be unprepared if I’m ever attacked by a grizzly bear.
Grizzle Attack by Madison Khan,

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