Sunday, January 8, 2012

Where To Snowshoe In And Around Whistler

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This article tells you all about snowshoeing in and around Whistler. It tells you about all the hot spots and gives pointers on how to stay safe when you are out there. I personally am interested in snowshoeing so I was interested to know what this article was all about. After reading the article I would definitely recommend it to someone who likes snowshoeing or who wants to learn a little about what its like.

The article talks about six different places to go snowshoeing in and around Whistler. The first place is Garibaldi Lake where the trail is easy and relaxing to do and more for beginners. Next is Cheakamus River which is pretty much the same as Garibaldi. Third is Rainbow Lake which is where the terrain starts to get harder. At Rainbow Lake it is steeper and has beautiful views, but is hard to move through because snow weighs down the branches blocking some of the trail. Next is Alta Lake. To snowshoe here you must have good navagational skills to find your way around because there is little to no markers to help you find your way. Finally the last two places are Wedgemoont Lake and Cayoosh Creek. On Wedemoont Lake you travel for up to four hours and there is danger of avalanches, sinking in snow with your snowshoes being inffective and causing you to have to crawl through the snow. Cayoosh Creek seems to me to be the easiest one of all and the most scenic. It is a nice easy trail that is beautiful, has good markers and mountians all around you making it breath taking and wonderfuly desolate. There are also alot ski patrol to help if you have a problem.

This article has shown me how you need to be prepared and to choose wisely when you go somewhere to snowshoe especially somewhere you have never gone before. You need to make sure that it is the right skill level for you. Someday I would love to get to actually go to Whistler and this article has helped me to know where to go. This article gave me good information and was interesting and I would love to read more like it.

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