Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mountain Biking the Gatineau Park (Article #3)

Rating: ***

This article is a guide for the Gatineau Park trails. Explaining their history, what they are like today and what's predicted for them in the future.

The article begins by showing what's to be expected in the "Gats" (Gatineau Parks). It tells us that the Gats are thankfully not boasted about in famous outdoor magazins (until this one). Because of that, the trails aren't overrun and hoarded by outsiders hoping to ride our little trails. It then goes into explaining the Gats birth. For years people have been walking and hiking these trails and once mountain biking came to be, they've been biking the trails also. Today there's a mass variety of different trails inside this huge park. There are trails of different difficulties and for different kinds of biking. From Downhill to Free Riding, the Gats are just minutes away. The Gats are hopefully not closed off like other major parks and riding areas in the U.S. and Western Canada. It could happen if we choose to ignore that. To avoid this we must be kind to our environment, treat it with respect as long as the other riders too. If we care for our trails, they'll be there to enjoy for years to come.

Article by Bob McCrindle
Magazine is Ottawa Outdoors

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