Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Navigating the Outdoors - Part of the Adventure (Article #2)

Article Rating: ****

This article focuses on navigation and the steps needed to prepare yourself beforehand so you know what you're doing when you go out navigating the outdoors.

The first step that's shown in this article is that before anything, you MUST buy a map of the area you plan on navigating. It will help you incase of an emergency and also will give you a sense of security knowing where you are and how to proceed to the next objective. The second step is to understand the map and know what kind of map it is and how to read it. Some maps are only minimal-detailed sketches of the area while some can be a full-out topographic map that provides everything from contours to features. You must know how to navigate it and use it properly. A compass always helps! The third step is to make a plan. Plan out your route on a seperate copy of the map (incase of mistakes) and then copy the plan to the map you plan on taking with you. Have preperations for emergency situations. The fourth step is optional and it's simply; bring a GPS if you feel it's needed or you aren't confident with you're navigating skills. and of course the final step is to GET OUTDOORS! Enjoy yourself and have a good time now that you're prepared.

Article by Bill Anderson
Magazine is Ottawa Outdoors

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