Monday, January 9, 2012

Observation in Everest's Shadow - My observation of the article

Enduring Strength: Observation in Everest’s Shadow - Richard Tulloch

Rating: ****

Enduring strength: Observation in Everest’ Shadow is an article very much about the physical strength and astounding endurance of the Sherpa’s in Nepal. This is an article about the author’s weak strength compared to his Sherpa porters that were helping him through on an expedition.

The author, according to the article is in fairly good shape in terms of western society and wears the latest in hiking equipment, Although he expresses his desire for the strength and endurance of the Sherpa’s in Nepal. The Sherpa’s in Nepal were carrying double their weight in equipment, enough for their guests and enough for themselves, while the author was just comfortable carrying a quarter of his weight, and this wasn’t for a short period of time either, it was for hours in an uphill direction. The Sherpa’s have nothing more then cheap canvas boots.

This article really gets you thinking. How pampered is western society? We have all of our fancy equipment and our nice toys but we’re really quite weak and lazy. The Sherpa’s in Nepal are essentially human pack mules capable of carrying double our weight and have amazing endurance, they don’t complain and enjoy what they can. We’re all spoiled by our easy access to sustenance, and we soften up so much that many can’t go for a long walk without going out of breath. Obviously though we have a very different lifestyle much through use of technology and relativly tame terrain, but we really don’t do very much and it seems it’s becoming a problem, if global warming and our other problems don’t catch up with us first.

Good read, informative and brings light to some amazing people that work hard.

Tulloch, Richard. Enduring Strength: Observation in Everest’s Shadow. . Dec 11 2011

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