Monday, January 9, 2012

The Wild Passage - Review

The Wild Passage - Denis Dwyer

Rating: ****

The Wild passage is a short article detailing the abundance of wildlife in the north, specifically Alaska. The author does a good job detailing the environment on his long trek into the wild. He also has pictures

The author of the article was traversing a passage from Washington to Alaska. He has many encounters with sea lions, wolves, whales and bears. It’s amazing to see how wildlife is everywhere you go, and attributes so much to the atmosphere. Without sea lions poking in and out of the water, or the odd beauty of every breath of a whale in the middle of the night. Without those random encounters with deer or standoff’s with bears the wild’s would no longer be wild, Where would any kind of adventure or sense of exploration be without a little bit of the unknown? The author does a very good job in making the northern coasts have a sense of mystery and serenity as life goes on as usual as he observes life unfold around him; deer running from wolves and wolves running from him as he sits writing in his journal.

This is an excellent Article and i recommend anyone interested in adventure or wildlife.

Dwyer, Denis. The Wild Passage. Jan 3rd 2012

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