Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shooting Stars

Rating: **

“Shooting Stars” is a quick read, which interests those who seek to view the beauty Canada has throughout its lands.

Author, Douglas Coupland, states that “Canada is still in the process of becoming whatever it will ultimately be. And with this sense of heightened expectation of tomorrow comes a great sense of hope, generosity and optimism.” The author then proceeds to tell us that Canada is a beautiful countrie, and this can easy and is being shown through photography. Douglas Coupland shows a wonderful gallerie of pictures that have been taken by local photographers of Canada.

This is a great article if you are into photography, though if you enjoy things that are more active and exciting this may not be for you.

Coupland, Douglas. "Shooting Stars." Canadian Geographic Jul. - Aug. 2006: 10. Print.

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