Monday, January 9, 2012

Snow Shoeing 101 - Review

Snow shoeing 101 - Kathy Cabrera

rating : **

Snow shoeing 101 is a fairly mediocre article i read online. I can see how it could be useful but it fails to grasp my attention. I would recommend this article to any snowshoeing enthusiast or anyone interested in getting into it.

The article first details all the benefits of snowshoeing, great exercise, low skill curve and ease or use. Initially it seems like a formidable activity and explains that i could burn up to 1000 calories in an hour, and then it falls out of my favor. The author in no way explains how this sport may be interesting or engaging at all, although i suppose it’s more interesting if i enjoyed looking at things outside. This article goes on to explain different types of snowshoes you may purchase and tips for traversing and ascending hills.

This article had potential but lacks overall vision. I would have enjoyed it more if it could describe some kind of interesting scenario or exciting events other then getting out with grandma and grandpa.

Again, i recommend this article to anyone who avidly snowshoes, and enjoys it already.

Cabrera, Kathy. Snow Shoeing 101,, Dec 13th 2011.

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