Monday, January 9, 2012

Paralyzing Fall

SoCal outdoors writer paralyzed in climbing fall - Tom Stienstra

Rating: ****

This article is an blogpost about an experienced outdoors writer becoming paralyzed by a 30 foot fall on Dec 30th. It’s really an important reminder that there are always high risks involved in these types of activities.

The author inform us that author Bill Becher has been injured in a 30 foot drop from saddle rock as he was ascending the 600ft technical ascent, in which he broke his back. After being treated initially by park personel he was then stabalized to a transport device that would allow paramedics to get him to a safe spot to be air lifted by helicopter. The article has a sad message, not necessarily on purpose by the author but that epic documentaries are only made if there is a survivor, or somebody relatively unscathed. Otherwise their fate is merely written in a blog post like this or is seen in an obituary.

After reading Jalan’s comment that there is risk in everything and it’s possibly more dangerous to live a boring and lethargic lifestyles and risk having heart attack or a stroke. It’s a very real possiblity one that many who live generic cubicle lifestyles may have as an unfortunate fate. We must remember that this climber was doing what he enjoyed and had a far more interesting life then most.

I don’t recommend anyone go out of their way to read this because it’s rather sad article.

Stienstra, Tom. SoCal outdoors writer paralyzed in a climbing fall. Dec 30th 2011

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