Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Steve Truglia: A Leap From The Edge Of Space (TEDTALK #2)

Rating: *****

This TED Talk is about stuntmen and also Steve Truglia's planned record breaking new stunt, the worlds highest jump and free fall. He jumps from the edge of space.

Before Steve talks about his record breaking jump, he gives us a brief explanation of stuntmen. He starts by telling us how stuntmen started out, with little technology and safety. And tells us that today, the most dangerous stunts arent't from high heights or car crashes, but actually fire stunts. Since the face is rarely covered, it's a very risky stunt to perform. You need a skilled team, safe clothes/equipement and a very good knowledge of what you are doing. He tells us that thanks to how far we've come in technology, we can safely do bigger, better stunts.

For Steve's jump he needed to find a custom made parachute, a space-suit and also a gas balloon big enough and safe enough to take him to the Edge Of Space. He's an inspiration for anyone with great fears. He talks to us about how much fear there is in doing a stunt like this. His bravery and dedication to his job and this stunt is amazing and inspiring, a great TED Talk.

Nathan Quinn

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