Tuesday, January 24, 2012

First boat- buy or rent
Tamia Nelson

Rating ****

When canoeing there are many different ways of approaching the sport. You can own a canoe, rent one or borrow a friends. This article explains what to do for each case. If your going to borrow a canoe find a friend that has experienced and is good at it. If your planning on renting a canoe find a local rent shop and find out how to use one, the risks and dangers and which canoes are better to use. If your last resort is to buy one make sure you ask around as well.

This affected me by making me more aware of how to think about obtaining a canoe. This has made me think about how I will go out and get a canoe in the near future. I learned that you can use resources such as colleges or sports complex's to find canoes. This has inspired me to ask a friend and borrow a canoe in the summer. This will make me more open to finding canoes to use,

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