Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ted Talk - Tales of ice-bound wonderlands by Paul Nicklen

Rating: ****

In this Ted Talk, Paul Nicklen speaks about his love for the Polar Regions. A love that began after his family moved to a northern community near Greenland. He tells some stories of his experiences being a photographer to these regions that are truly amazing. He tells the most remarkable and eye-opening story he has to offer about leopard seals. He was diving to get good shots of a large female leopard seal. The seal was attacking penguins to eat when it began throwing them in Paul’s direction. He eventually realized that the seal was attempting to feed the penguins to him. Paul explains that this shows that despite the aggressiveness of this kind of seal, they too can be playful.

Hearing Paul’s stories of polar bears, narwhals and of course the leopard seal, showed me some of the amazing things that are up north that we tend to forget about. People always seem to overlook that the polar ice caps are melting and so many species will die without them. Should the ice disappear, we would lose an entire ecosystem. That is something that we cannot afford to lose. So, as Paul says, we need to take certain measures to save a very important part of the world.


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