Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Combining Cross-Country Skis and Compasses by Bill Anderson


Snow or no snow the orienteerers of Ottawa are prepared to do both. From April to November Orienteering is done on foot but as soon as the snow comes competitors make the transition to ski-orienteering. The article that I read today was all about ski-orienteering. Courses can range from 20 minute point-to-point sprints to 24 hour team compititions, but the most common local meets have 1 hour courses. Even some of the toughest ski-orienteering courses cannot compare to the dificulty of foot orienteering, this is because all the controls are on ski trails. Navigating while skiing is one of the hardest aspects of ski-orienteering. Just like foot orienteering you are given a map, compass and punchcard. The club that organizes these events is called the Ottawa Orienteering Club, events are are organized at every level and in parks all over Ottawa, but most of the longer courses take place in Gatineau Park.

I would love to try ski-orienteering. It has made me think about the different kinds of orenteering and where they may take place, like bike or snowshoe orienteering. I think this article showed lots of information and I would definitley recommend it to anyone who is interested in trying different types of orienteering.

Anderson, Bill. Cross Country Skis and Compasses. Ottawa Outdoors Magazine. Winter 2008/2009 issue, page 10.

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