Sunday, February 26, 2012

10 Reasons to take up Nordic skiing - By David McMahon

10 Reasons to take up Nordic skiing
-By David McMahon-

Rating *** (good)

Have you already heard about Nordic skiing, and the great influence it has on health and fitness? This article gives good reasons to go cross country skiing and encourages people to go try it. Information is clearly presented and the article is a quick read.

David McMahon gives 10 reasons to go cross country skiing in this article. It includes helping to maintain good physical condition, having a nice time outside in the fresh air, having equipment for a modest cost, improving the harmony with nature and having a Nordic lifestyle, and having the experience of Nordic skiing at night time. The author ends the article by saying that it gives satisfaction to be able to go up and down the hills by your own power, and be comfortable to develop your skills at your own rate.

I really enjoyed this article, because it makes me think about going Nordic skiing more often and taking my family with me. I like the idea that you can practice a sport in such a natural environment and breathing fresh air. Before reading this article, I did not know that Nordic ski racers are one of the most highly conditioned athletes on the planet. I was surprised to see that it is possible to go cross country skiing at night, and I would like to try it. It could give a different way to enjoy cross country skiing by being outside in the evening too. This article improves my knowledge about Nordic ski and encourages me to talk about this sport with others.

I recommended this article for anyone who wants to learn more about Nordic skiing and wants to know the advantages and benefits of this sport. If you already ski cross country this article could help you to convince someone to join you.

David McMahon. “10 Reasons to take up Nordic skiing”. Ottawa Outdoors magazine. (Winter 2011): 9-10. Print.

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