Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tarp of the morning – Chantal Macartney

Rating: ****

Did you ever go on a day trip and all of a sudden it started to rain? When it is pouring and windy outside, you really want to protect your gear and yourself. With a tarpaulin and a few ropes you can easily build a wind and weather protection in seconds. The well written article “Tarp of the morning” by Chantal Macartney gives you instruction for a variety of easy tarpaulin shelters.

Her article introduces you to five different shelters for different situations that are all made out of a tarp and some ropes. With a large tarp and a few knots you could build a kitchen shelter setup which offers lots of headroom for cooking, a wind-rain protection model which protects you from rain and wind, you could make an Improvised-A-frame tent witch is an alternative for a tent when backpacking, or you could build one of many other shelter variations. A tarp and some ropes do not require a lot of space, they are not heavy, and when you are heading out and it starts to rain, you will be happy to have them with you.

I really liked reading this article as it was very interesting to see what you can do with just a tarpaulin and ropes, and I think that the information that is given in the article could be very useful in the future when going on a canoe, hiking, or any other trip. Chantal Macartney did a good job explaining the set up as she was very detailed. She even mentioned which kind of ropes would be best in each situation. I also like the fact that her article is illustrated with explaining pictures that give you a better understanding.

I recommend this article to anyone active in the outdoors as it will teach you how to easily stay dry and in comfort to make your outdoor experiences unforgettable.

Chantal Macartney. “Tarp of the morning”. Ottawa Outdoors magazine (Summer/Fall 2007): 43. Print.

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