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10 reasons to take up Nordic skiing - David McMahon

10 reasons to take up Nordic skiing - David McMahon
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From “super-human fitness” to providing a night of crystal clear star-gazing, McMahon claims that Nordic skiing is probably one of the best ways you could possibly exercise. It allows you to work all your muscles, enjoy the fresh air our great Canadian outdoors has to offer, and skip the wait and planning of other excursions such as a yoga class or downhill skiing. In addition to this, Nordic skiing is a way to build up a sense of self worth and determination as all your movements are completely self-propelled. This article provides proof that this type of exercise is really something to consider if you want to be healthy in mind, body and soul. However, the author does point out that it will come at a cost. As is all equipment, Nordic ski equipment is a little pricey, but it apparently worth the extra money as it will last a person for many years to come.
This article caught my attention because I think it is important to live a lifestyle full of exercise in order to maintain a healthy body. I have also been struggling with skiing in class lately, and I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever improve on my technique. After reading about it some more, it made me remember why it is such a good activity to participate in on a regular basis. Maybe if I was able to practice more often, it would be a beneficial way for me to get in better shape and practice my skill. Although I’m not planning on going out and buying skis tomorrow, it will be something to think about if in the future I want some form of exercise to occupy myself during the winter months.
This is a good read if you’re not sure whether or not Nordic skiing is for you.

McMahon. David. 10 reasons to take up Nordic skiing. Ottawa Outdoors Magazine. Winter 2011 Edition.
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