Friday, February 24, 2012

"Kayaking the 1000 Islands" By: Jennifer Goldstone

I give this article: ****

Are you interested in paddling, but just don't know where to start? Do you have a Kayak at home, and don't know where to use it? Or are you looking for a new location to go on a trip, and want to change things up. If any of these three question apply to you, then you'll find this article an interesting read!
In the article "Kayaking the 1000 Islands" written by Jennifer Goldstone, you are informed with great detail about her paddling adventures to the Thousand Islands, in between Brockville, and Kingston. Jennifer is part of the Petrie Island Outdoor Club (PIOC) so this article hits close to home! Jennifer, and her fellow Petrie Islanders' go on a paddling trip with their group leaders to Gananoque, to launch off from there and discover the 1000 Islands. Jennifer explains the beauty of all the individual islands, and their interesting characteristics. She discusses her discoveries, such as an open air church, where some couples have been married in these nautical surroundings. This article shows the reader that you don't have to travel far to go on a trip, nor does it have to be expensive. The 1000 Islands, is a cost-effective get away that the whole family would enjoy!
Not only does this article talk about the location but it also promotes the Petrie Island Outdoor Club. It talks about their trips, and the skills and knowledge they learn about paddling, nature, and themselves on these trips. It really motivates people like me to join a club like this! This article caught my eye, because I now have another destination that my family and I can go on a paddling trip too. I recommend this article and anyone and everyone, whether they have an interest in paddling or not. It can motivate them, or spark an interest, and is a well written informative read. After reading this, I can personally say that I'm looking forward to the summer!

By: Brianna Champagne

Goldstone, J, Fall 2011, Kayaking the 1000 Islands, Ottawa Outdoors, pg 16-17 URL:

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