Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Return to the Light - Steve Whittall

Rating: ***

The article “Return to the Light” is a mind opening realization as to what can proceed from one little mistake. This article is a great read for those interested in white water kayaking.

The article, talks about Mark Heard and his fellow companions experience while white water kayaking on the Callaghan River (class 5 run) in Whistler, British Columbia. It talks to how easily things can go wrong. Heard and his crew knew it was rather late to be starting their run, it was 6:00pm and they had a 2-3 hours run ahead of them. Despite this and the consequences, they set out anyways hoping for a great night ride. Unfortunately, things did not turn out as planned. It began when Heard ran into some trouble and was pulled under a cavern for 5 minutes. When he emerged, he was not breathing and there was no movement from his cold body. The entire team (friends) rushed towards him, pulled him out of the water and away from any additional harm. Together, they worked to revive him and got him to help before it was too late. Heard was lucky, without his companions and watchful aid, he would have never survived.

I really enjoyed this article because it shows how anyone can make a mistake but they can be overcome. Some mistakes may require you to pay a larger price than others, but with the right attitude and companionship, they can be conquered. Heard’s friends, displayed these qualities multiple times and these are what saved Heard’s life.

I recommended this article to anyone who generally enjoys white water kayaking, but more importantly to anyone to anyone looking for inspiration on simple acts of courage. It’s a real life experience that shows that there is / can be a second chance.

Steve Whittall. "Return to the Light." Rapid Magazine (Summer/Fall 2010): Page: 35. Print.

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