Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cold Fusion by: Conor Mihell

Rating= ***

People like to go to warm places over the winter, for example Hawaii and Jamaica to name a couple.  This article explains there are many winter activities in Canada that you can participate in.  Some of the rarer occasions are rappelling, iceboating, kite skiing, kick sledding and snow biking.  Rappelling gives you the same feeling as ice climbing.  Rappelling is used for modern warfare.  Iceboating is another winter activity that I am just hearing about.  This boat has a similar design to a wind surf board, but has metal to glide along the ice.  Kite skiing is also a winter activity that is not to different from skiing.  You kite ski when you are on a flat surface with a parachute in your hands and it will pull you across the land similar to what u would do with skiing just without the hill.  Kick sledding is when you have a chair on ski like material.  You move using a kicking motion.  This design is similar to a dog sled.  Snow biking is just like sledding on a hill.  A snow bike has a small bike frame and has two skis for wheels. 

I recommend the article to those who are adventurous and want to learn some new winter activities.

Conor Mihell “Cold Fusion” Canadian Geographic Travel: Winter Magic. Page 58

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