Monday, March 5, 2012

The Bucket List - Tommy and Lefebvre

Rating ***

This article is alist of must-see and ski resorts across western Canada, coming from Tommy andLefebvre. It describes average costs for accommodations and skiing costs, italso tells tidbits of attractions in the area.

This article numbersoff the resorts from 1-13 but not from best to worst, just all the vacationspots. The majority of vacation spots, for obvious reasons, are in B.C. and Alberta. In eachdestination spot, rather than saying the skiing spots are awesome, suggestdifferent activities, for families, couples or singles. Some destination spotstell you what to do on what day to get the best of the trip.

I would recommendthis article to anyone interested in skiing in some pretty awesome places andto better prepare yourself for the trip and what you plan to do.

‘The Bucket List’. Tommy and Lefebvre. On Snow. Winter 2012.

By Steven

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