Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cold Enough For You?

Rating: ****

  This article is rather long but has an amazing amount of information on hypothermia. This article describes the effects of cold and not doing anything about it.

  Hypothermia can affect anyone, not being smart and prepared can end your life. Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht, a hypothermia expert, describes the stages and the outcomes are of hypothermia. This article throws in some reasons how being prepared may not be enough. For example, the Sunday Night syndrome, where you know you need to get back and you will take risks that otherwise would have been unheard of. This article explains common myths about hypothermia and busts them, as they are commonly believed, but not actually true.

  I would recommend this article to anyone who is thinking of going on a trip and feels that they are prepared. This article could benefit anyone with its knowledge and will be great when we apply it to the canoe trip.

Cold enough for you? Lang. Patrick. Kanawa Magazine. Winter 2001.

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