Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day Hiking Essentials: Things to Bring Along on your Adventure

Rating: ***

This article is very good for someone who is new to hiking. It is very informative as to what you should be bringing along with you. It makes you realize what might happen if you do not look ahead, and are not prepared.

This article is about what essential items you need to bring with you if you are going on a hike. The writer talks about how one time he was going on a hike, and he noticed that there were an unusual amount of people who were not prepared. Some people did not even have water. He suggests you bring things such as water, good footwear, food, a map, a compass, a GPS, and a day pack. He says that you may not necessarily need some of these things, but in the chance that you do, its good to have them.

This article makes me think about what could happen if you did not have some of these things. It could end very badly. You could forget your water, and get lost in the woods and get dehydrated. You could get lost in the woods without a compass or a GPS, and not know where to do. Its good to have layers in case the weather changes from what you thought. This shows you that it is best to have more than you need than less, and regret it. “Day Hiking Essentials: Things to Bring Along on your Adventure.” 2011. Web. <> Path: Home; Day Hiking. 8 March, 2012.

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