Thursday, March 8, 2012

Great gear for getting outside this season
BY Kathleen Wilker
This article is probably the most useful one I have ever read. It’s very useful and can really help someone out.
The article is about new gear coming in that will make things easier for people. It talks about new equipment like a baby carrier for mom’s who love to go hiking. It also talks about bog boots for kids and mountain hardware power jackets for the moms. She also talks about explorer down bags for starter adventurers (Kids) who want to enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer for them. Finally she talks about USB lights to go on your bike and studded bike tires for bike lovers that do not want winter to slow down their ambition.
I really liked this article that she published and it got me thinking on how I could start doing hiking to get out more. How I should start biking again as a daily routine. Also I found it really handy that she put the price of the equipment and the location to buy the equipment as well as the website for more details.
I highly recommend mothers with children to read this article to help them get out more and get more exercise.
Kathleen Wilker, Great gear for getting for the season, Ottawa outdoors, fall 2011.

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