Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Five Reasons to Take a Cow Elk - Pursue The Outdoors
Five Reasons to Take a Cow Elk is a very interesting article. It’s short and easy to read and is informative all the way through.

The article is about the reasons why you should go hunting for a cow elk instead of a bull. Like letting the bulls survive longer means that the next year it’ll be big and bulky. The cows tend to carry less diseases and as table fare, cows and calves and generally better.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article and that now I know if I wanted to go future hunting, I would know why and which one to pick. And that if you were to pick a bull you wouldn’t necessarily get a good one. Also not knowing what the wrongs could have been for not picking a cow elk, he could have died. (He should read this before he goes hunting.)

If you want to or are a hunter, I would recommend this article to you before you head out.

Pursue The Outdoors. Five Reasons to Take a Cow Elk. Missoula, Mont. Sept.30th 2009. Website.

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