Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kayaking the 1000 Islands

Kayaking the 1000 Islands
By Jennifer Goldstone
Kayaking the 1000 Islands is an article that was ver interesting and knowledgeable and I find it as one of my favorite articles.  
It talks about Jennifer’s experience on a day long guided tour by Gananoque outfitter. She was with 20 people who were members of the Petrie Island outdoor Club which is based right here in Orleans, Ottawa. They were divided into five different groups and went in all different directions to explore and meet up at the Provincial park Island for lunch. She was taught by the leaders on how to place her hand to the best advantage on maintaining a consistent speed and rhythm. She also talks about how their was barely any motorized boats on the channel and how the zebra mussels their made the water clear blue even though they are a nuisance to people with vessels. She also talks about a 3 day trip in August the club is offering and she also gives a list for any people wanting to go canoeing their: like paddle, spray skirt, and quick-dry clothing. She also gives a site for anybody wanting more information.
This article really got me thinking that I should try going canoeing at the 1000 Islands. It also got me thinking that I do not have any of the stuff needed to go kayaking so I need to start gathering my equipment before I can enjoy this 1000 islands.
I highly recommend this article to any new kayakers who want to find new kayaking spots or want to know what proper equipment they need.
Jennifer Goldstone, Kayaking the 1000 Islands, Ottawa Outdoors: Fall 2011. Print.

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