Friday, March 9, 2012

A Herd For The Killing - Geoff Powter

Rating: ****

The article, “A Herd For The Killing,” is a striking article that influences the way you picture wild horses. This is a great read, for those interested in the wild horses or even animals in general, that are being mistreated in the wild.

The article talks about wild horses that have been living in Alberta's country land, and how they are being slaughtered for no apparent reason. Living in the open fields and forests, out of humanity's way, horses are shot on the scene when they are caught in the open. This has lead to controversy throughout Alberta country lands, about whether these acts are unfaithfully cruel or for the province's profit. Bob Henderson, and the Wild Horses of Alberta Society (WHOAS), are working together to peoples actions and make it illegal to murder these beautiful animals in their own environment.

I truly enjoyed the article “A Herd For The Killing” because it means something important. There aren't very many articles that talk about the endangerment of animals and when there are they should be heard. This article means something and people should be informed about what our wildlife is going through. What Bob Henderson and the WHOAS foundation is doing to protect these species.

I recommended this article to anyone and everyone. Things like the mistreating of animals need to be heard and that is what this article does. These wild horses didn't do anything wrong and their story should be heard so this problem can be vanquished for all living animals today.

Geoff Powter. “A Herd For The Killing.” Explore Magazine. (May 2010): Pages: 35-48, 64. Print.

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