Friday, March 9, 2012

Cold Camping/Winter Camping Tips

Cold Camping by Kevin Callan/Winter Camping Tips by Darren Cope
Rating: ****

I thought since we just finished winter camp not too long ago, an article about winter camping and how to properly prepare for it was appropriate. A lot of the information in this article was not brand new to me, as we had learned about it in class, but it gave more in depth discriptions.

"Cold Camping" gives you tips on how to survive when you are winter camping. They are not just tips for if you're spending the night in a quinzhee, like we did, they are tips about if you are hiking or skiing and you're camping in a tent. It  gives you tips for how to keep warm when you're going to bed, tips on clothing, trekking, water, cooking and preperation. It helps you understand the six types of snow; sand snow, wild snow, wind-packed snow, corn snow, rotten snow and slush snow.

Although I do not plan on going winter camping any time in my future, it is important to know if ever you decide this is something you want to do. The article teaches you how to make sure you are prepared for any given situation and any given weather changes. You never know what the temperature could drop to and if you do not have the right equipment, there will be consequences. Even thought I don't think that I will go winter camping, I might change my mind in the future and I am glad that I am able to have these tips and if I ever do decide to go I will have a good understanding what I should be doing.

Ottawa Outdoors Magazine. Kevin Callan and Darren Cope. Web. Winter 2007/2008.

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