Friday, March 9, 2012

Living the Canadian Dream - Kristina Leidums

Rating: ***

If you chose to read this article, you will be treated to an inspiring story of a young woman taking on the old fur trading canoe routes in one summer, while travelling solo and with others throughout the trip.
As Kristina Leidums paddles her way down mighty rivers and lakes, the 27 year old is faced with many challenges such as high winds, storms, and wildlife. With only the gear she can carry on her back and her canoe, she travels from Saskatchewan to Ontario, trying to keep up a pace of 60 kilometres per day. Although it is a tough trip and a test of her physical abilities, she takes it all in stride as she meets every challenge with an open mind. When she finishes her journey, she feels just as accomplished as the voyageurs that she was trying to resemble in her canoe trip across central Canada.
This article was interesting to me because I know it would take a lot of will power and courage to go on a trip like that. I can compare her experiences to the canoe trip in PAD3O, and I personally found that trip pretty challenging at times, so I can imagine how hard she had to work every day of her trip. Going on adventures is something that I enjoy doing and aspire to do more of, and hearing her story only made me want to do so even more. Hopefully I will be able to find someone who will come with me!
I recommend this article because it is interesting and different. I doubt very many people have ever attempted a canoe trip such as hers, so it is a fresh idea to open up to.

Explore Magazine. Adventure Section. October 2011.

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