Friday, March 9, 2012

Share that path.

Share that path
by Kathleen Wilker
This article is about serious cyclists getting upset about the little children that are just learning to bike, getting in their way. It is telling people to bike on times that aren't busy with young ones if you are training. It will avoid "road rage". They also said that parents should stay on the left side of their children to avoid them wandering on the other side of the yellow line. Being curteous is always a good idea because families are making a healthy choice when they take their kids out on a bike ride.

  I learned that for people that are training for races should avoid the busy "rush hour" times and go  when there aren't many people on the roads. I also learned that when I go biking I should always ring my bell when passing slower cyclists and runners so I don't startle them when I go by.

Wilker, Kathleen, "Share that path" Ottawa Outdoors magazine. Roger Bird. Summer Fall 2010. page 20

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