Sunday, March 25, 2012

Winter camp Reflection

This year I finally relized how hard it really is to survive in the cold overnight. It takes time hard work and a good 9 layers of clothes to keep warm. Not the funest task when wet but a good learning experience for the future.
Some learning took place that night. I learned how to make a proper snow shelter so that I don’t catch hypothermia, how to stay wet so you don’t freeze when sleeping, and most of all how to make a fire! -.- Although it was a lot of fun it also was a lot of work. To actually dig a shelter out of mere ice was our biggest and longest challenge. It took us a few days to get our quinzhee high enough and enough supplies to last a night.
There’s were some highs and lows to the night such as going to bed partially wet wasn’t the funest thing. But for the negatives there were also positives like huddling around a campfire to stay warm while have fun but pointless conversations with your friends. Some other things that needed to be worked on are proper food preparations which we had trouble with and bring a warmer sleeping bag because I was cold all night!
Altogether the night was really fun until bed time and a lot of good memories were taken out of it like when I almost lit the garage on fire… ;) not the best idea but defiantly fun. Also trying to get our fire going the alcohol… not the best idea but also fun! These memories will be kept for a long time.
Winter camp was a success and will always be remembered. I also wouldn’t mind doing it again on maybe a little dryer day!
Yours Truly
Mr. Pyro
- T_____ A________

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