Saturday, March 24, 2012

Stand up and paddleboard! - Tara Hamilton

Rating ***

Like Tara Hamilton, I have seen people SUP (Stand Up Paddle) before, but only in pictures with blue water and palm trees. Different from those pictures, my attention was captured by a photo of three guys SUPing on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa Outdoors magazine.

This article discusses the origins of paddle boarding such as professional surfers training when the waves aren’t strong enough. An alternative for surfers has developed into its own sport. Nowadays, paddle boarding takes place not only in ocean waves, but on flat water and whitewater too. There is tour paddling, racing and recreational paddling. Surfers can keep training when conditions aren’t great for them and paddle boarding can be a good back up plan for wind surfers as well. Tara Hamilton describes SUPing as a mini vacation and a fantastic workout.

This article expanded my knowledge about first-time paddle boarding. Proper equipment includes a paddle that reaches 20 to 30 centimeters above your head, a board suited for you weight and obviously a safety kit with rope, a whistle and life jacket. Reading this article got me even more eager to try it! I will not be going to any blue waters soon, but I am excited to try paddle boarding in the Ottawa area.

Hamilton, Tara. “Stand up and paddleboard”. Ottawa Outdoors Magazine. Summer/Fall 2011.

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