Thursday, April 12, 2012

Article Assignment #1
Tarp of the morning
Rating - **** Excellent!
This article is about the usefulness of tarpaulins (tarps) on any kind of camping trip. This article outlines the different uses of a trap, how to set them up, and in what conditions it is best to use certain styles. It shows you how to set up a Kitchen Shelter, Wind-Rain Protection, Improvised “A” Frame Tent, Slant Roof Shelter, and Backpacking Front Porch Cover, all with tarps!

This article showed me the importance of tarps when camping, or in our case hiking and backpacking. It showed me how to pitch tarps and make them useful in real life situations, now if it calls for it, I would be able to shield my group from wind and rain coming off the lake.
Tarp of the morning - by Chantal Macartney, Illustrations by William Jessup (Ottawa Outdoors summer/fall 2007) p.43

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