Thursday, April 12, 2012

Article Assignment #2
Deconstructing Fear- Dominique Larocque

Rating - ****

This article was about overcoming fear and using the belief in yourself to help you perform to 100% of your abilities, in the game and out. In this article she said that the fear you feel that hold you back, is a psychological block, which you have to somehow overcome. She outlined how some fears aren’t so easy to overcome and that it takes time, coaching, mental preparedness, competition and more to beat the block and master visualization. She spoke of the belief part that you need to have to overcome your fears, believe in yourself and don’t let external factors be your perception of yourself, it’s all internal.

This article has made me rethink the ways I handle fears during the game, and realize that the only thing stopping me from stepping around fear is myself. It has inspired me to keep a positive belief system and not let fear overcome my own goals.

I would recommend this article to all those who have ever felt fear, and let its cycle stop them from achieving what they want. It is really well written and explains that is isn’t only the person but sometimes it can be a deep psychological problem too.
Larocque, Dominique. Deconstructing fear. Ottawa Outdoors (summer/fall 2009). Pg 15. Print.

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