Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Basic Hiking and Camping Skills

The Basic Hiking and Camping Skills – Unknown/Unstated

Rating - **

This article discusses tips for beginner hikers; including how to practise, choose a campsite, and prepare for bugs. It also talks about the advantages of using a hiking stick. I think what would have made this article a lot better is if it discussed weather, and more about what to pack.

I found this article to be only somewhat helpful. If you have never been hiking before, this article will only be a very basic start to what you should know. It was, although, the first time that I had read any information on hiking sticks; which was interesting. I have never thought about using one before, but now I feel like it may be a good idea.

Source: ABC-of-Hiking; Hiking Techniques and Skills: “The Basic Hiking and Camping Skills.” [date and author unstated] ( )

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