Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Climate Change Linked to Waterborne Diseases in Inuit Communities


This article discusses the waterborne diseases that are possibly being caused by global warming in Inuit Communities in Canada. I found this article very interesting, and I would reccomend that everyone read it, because while most people are worried about the upcoming affects of global warming, what we don't realize is that some people are already experiencing it.

Many people living in Inuit communities in the North drink unfiltered brook water as apposed to treated water. This is just a choice based on the taste of brook water that most people prefer over trated or bottled water. However, With the ice up North melting faster and faster because of climate change, some of the brook water's properties have begun to change, and it is taking a toll on the people who drink it. A specific example is that elevated numbers of E coli. Bacteria are showing up in the water, and many people have been experiencing digestive illness and issues because of it. Researchers believe that these numbers are going up because of the speed that the ice is melting at.

Though this is an unfortunate article, we can use it to show people the potential affects of global warming. This could just be the beginning, and things could get much worse from here.

Climate Change Linked to Waterborne Disease in Inuit Communities - author n.a, National Geographic, 2012

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