Thursday, April 12, 2012

Close to the Edge- Josh Foster

Rating: ***

I just read the article “Close to the Edge” and the only reason I picked it was because of its picture. The picture is what grabs your eye.

The article is about a different style of GS skiing. Josh Fisher said that coaches before preached to have a wide stance and have a “switch” between the turns. But he went to recent GS ski race and he heard Stemmle tell his little sister Karen that GS is about a long inside leg. That stuck with him the whole time and he would watch the new skiers go down the hill and their knee was actually touching the inside boot. Which is completely different then what he used to see.

I didn't really enjoy this article because it did not really teach me anything new about skiing, because I don't ski very often and I do not plan on GS racing. All though he did have some very good points that competitive skiers would understand and they would be able to take what he said to the hill.

I would recommend this article to experienced skiers and GS skiers.

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