Thursday, April 12, 2012

Think Bigg

Think Bigg- Gordie Bowles

Rate: ***

I just read the article "Think Bigg" by Gordie Bowles. This article was about the struggles of a world class skiier named Pat Biggs. Biggs is 39 years old and is from Orleans, Ontario. He is a slolum skiier who competes at a national level. The wirter talk about goal setting and how Biggs' goal is  to be a world champion. The past years though, he has only ranked about 9th or 10th place. His season started in October and he hopes that his perseverence will pay off and he will place first.

I think Biggs' perserverence is very inspiring. He has not given up even though he has not placed the way he has wanted to in the past. He is a good role model for goal setting because he has set his standards so high and won't give up until he gets there. People could take a lot out of the example that he is setting by setting goals fro themselves. Also to never give up until you reach those goals.

Overall I enjoyed the article, and I really apreciate his atitude towards skiing. If you want to be a word class athlete you need to think pisitively the way does.

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