Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ray Zahab: Adventure Runner


This article grabbed my attention for two reasons, firstly I am interested in potentially experiencing an adventure race for myself, and secondly I have heard of Ray Zahab and how he has conquered many races that seem humanly impossible, these are the reasons I chose to read this article.

This article talks about Ray's determination to turn his life around, and how he wanted something to give his life have meaning, so he found adventure racing. It then talks about his many success as an adventure racer and his ability to surpass inhospitable terrain. Finally Ray has founded an organisation called Impossible2Possible(i2P), which helps to inspire and empower youth around the world.

I would suggest this article to anyone who gets inspired by seemingly impossible human accomplishments, or to anyone who has an interest in adventure racing.

Ray Zahab Adventure Runner, Kate Barker, Explore magazine, Spring 2012.

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