Sunday, April 15, 2012

Going on Superior


I decide to read this article because the subtitle describe an adventure on the biggest freshwater lake in the world, where they were going to travel to the most remote island(Caribou Island), to visit an old lighthouse.

In this article Conor Mihell travels to Caribou Island where his great-great-grandfather had tended to the lighthouse there. His partner on this kayaking adventure is Craig Zimmerman, they plan to cross 70 km of lake Superior top arrive at Caribou island. During the actual trek they are tossed and turned with bad weather and only manage to make it to Caribou island after 3 days. While there Conor relives the experiences of his great-great-grandfather.

I would recommend this article to anyone interested in lake Superior or kayaking.

Going on Superior, Conor Mihell, Explore Magazine, Spring 2012.

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