Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Symposium Scare by Virginia Marshall

Rating: ****

     In the article I read, a rough water weekend turns into a rescue mission. The incident occured during the first session of the weekend when 12 students and four instructers convoyed 45mins up the coast from the event headquarters for a surf clinic at the mouth of Netarts Bay. although it was fine weather and the conditions were ok, instructer Mark Whitaker was still nervous about the location.
     Whitaker turned around to see a much larger set of wavescome through which capsized multiple students from both classes all at once. Thus began a nearly two hour effort to recover swimmers and bring them back to shore. During the ordeal, Whitaker would be capsized a dozen times while towing. Another instructer would be forced to wet exit and lose his boat while assisting a swimmer but managed to re-enter a stray kayak to continue the rescue effort.
     The incident eventually concluded with everyone safely back on terra firma. The number one mistake was that they placed the enjoyment of students before safety.

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