Monday, April 9, 2012

Winter Running

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   This article has important tips for those who are going for runs in not only winter weather but cold weather period. Although summer draws closer, going for an early morning run can still affect you if you don’t run prepared.

  Tips in this article include how to run properly on slippery or difficult conditions. Warm ups are much slower and deliberate as stretching a muscle is very likely in cold weather. Cold weather running is difficult on the body but the benefits are much more rewarding. Running in difficult weather has different effects for different muscles that are not used as often. Speed work is not recommended as your muscles can quite literally freeze and snap like a twig. Speed training should be done indoors (Louis Riel SS has the only 400m indoor track in Canada.) Staying motivated in bad weather is a toughy, so run with other people of your speed caliber.

  I myself enjoy the nice long distance run in the crisp morning wind so this article gave me some tips for running properly in chilly weather, I would suggest this article to anyone who likes the cold and a good run!

Marsh, Phil. Winter Running. Ottawa Outdoors. Winter 2008/2009.

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