Thursday, April 19, 2012

TED talks
Paul Nicklen:
Tales of ice-bound wonderlands
Now I haven’t seen any TED talk videos before but they are pretty average and normal. I love animals so this video was just great. Cute, informative and inspirational! i enjoyed watching this TED talk video.

This TED talk is about a biologist named Paul Nicklen who lived out in the Antarctica is search of a very rare bear, not a polar bear but, AKA spirit bear or kamodi bear. Paul found a bear after almost giving up. He talks about how the ice in Antarctica is disappearing and the bears and everything will go extinct. Paul also went out there to prove to people that leopard seals are harmless. He talks about his journey and showed pictures.

I would most defiantly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn about this topic. I found this topic to be very educational and I now have one less animal to fear and two more to love! 

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